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est. 2022

3D Music Video Game

itsucks - VOIZΞ feat. GIGO + Medicine Man

0x0DAO Vol.3

Medicine Man & A-POP

0x0 Label and Management

0x0 is NOT an NFT project. We on the other hand are music lovers who want to create a home for music and musicians in the metaverse…the Web3 Motown. On this adventure, stars will be born, classics will be created and soundtrack to the future will be orchestrated. Join us as we reimagine A&R, production, promotion, touring, formats, intellectual property rights and above all, making music dreams come alive. 

0x0DAO Vol.2

VOIZΞ - Degen

0x0DAO Genesis

Medicine Man - Hello Tokyo


0x0 is a full service music label, production house and management firm run by a team of music loving futurists and members of the 0x0DAO. Each 0x0DAO token represents your governance rights of the label. The 0x0DAO community are encouraged to be more than token holders, we are all part of the orchestra playing the symphony of tomorrow. The community will actively build and govern the label. 0x0 will not only reward the community, we will include the community as we seek new opportunities to invest in promises that music and artists can bring to the Internet of tomorrow. 


Buy an NFT to become a 0x0DAO member today.

1 NFT = 1 DAO Token

Own an NFT and be a part of 0x0.


Participate by voting on project funding, creative direction, artist and catalogue acquisition and much more.

Earn Rewards

Intellectual properties created and acquired by 0x0 will be owned by the DAO. We will continuously reward the community based on contributions. Members holding a certain amount of tokens may also have more privileges as we build together.

10k NFT Singles

The total supply of 0x0DAO NFT is 10,000. There will be multiple songs each as a unique sub project in this collection. Besides as a DAO token, each NFT may have different utilities depending on which sub project it belongs to.

Our Artists

0x0 only acquire notable PFP project NFTs as our artists. In the future, we will incubate more artists and 0x0DAO members can participate the decision making.



  • 0x0DAO begins
  • First music release on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, KKBOX and all other major music platforms.
  • Announce 0x0 Roster 1.0


  • Collaborations with IRL celebrities.
  • More releases! We’re a label!
  • Online fan gatherings
  • 0x0 for Artists launches. We will bring the metaverse closer to music artists looking to make the transition.


  • Acquire more blue chip NFTs as new artists.
  • Merch store launches with exclusive items for community members.
  • Our first members-only party in the metaverse.


  • Launch 0x0 metaverse venues
  • Endless hours of metaverse concerts
  • Become the music brand that everyone thinks in the metaverse

0x0 Team